A traditional kitchen remodel requires as much attention to detail as other kitchen designs. The layout and work spaces maybe very similar to modern kitchens, the same principles apply. Lighting, sink location, landing spaces and the most-used elements need to be within reach. But thinking ahead to room finishes such as wood tones, paint colors and cabinet styles are just as important.

John Klaer Construction Services in Orange County works with experienced kitchen designers to bring you a kitchen you can’t wait to work in. The best way to start a traditional kitchen remodel project is to pour through magazines, and start a scrapbook of the elements you’d like to include in your own kitchen.

Think about space, whether it is the kitchen space you already have keeping with the same footprint, or whether you might need to add an addition to get the kitchen of your dreams.

Armed with knowledge on your part, a kitchen designer and construction crew can quickly get to work creating a one-of-a kind design tailored just for your needs.

This traditional kitchen remodel in Tustin features custom cabinets that are painted, historical-looking backsplash and hardware and moulding details that bring it to life. Repeating the dark wood floors with similar wood on the kitchen island pulls this kitchen together in a cohesive style.

The design is carried into the dining room with greenhouse glass bringing light into the long room.

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